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March 2014

GOCARE Director Develops Important Educational Programs for Children, Adults Studying in Nicaragua

GOCARE INC., has just announced plans to develop a business concepts class for young adults in Nicaragua. Leading the way is Stewart Fries, a member of the Board of Directors for GOCARE. He brings his professional and philanthropic skills to bear in his activities that involve developing educational programs for use in the front lines of this war on poverty. Click here for the

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Meet Pamela Martens!

Pamela “Pam” Martens is a retired School District Superintendent, whose career extends from Hueneme Elementary School District and Ojai Unified, all the way to Coast Unified and Sonoma Valley Unified. She has collaborated with many local non-profit organizations, businesses, and county social services; to reinforce positive communication, and to provide additional services for students in each of the districts in which she served. Most

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Student Letters of Gratitude

My name is Aristides Emmanuel Zamara Garay.  I live on Calle el Arcenol and I work in a small agency. The experience in 2012-2013 was a great opportunity to excel since we culminated to the third cycle.  The studies are an important foundation for everyone because they are necessary to obtain a better life. The experience was very enriching because we learned a lot

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