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August 2016

Architects Without Borders Design GOCARE Learning Campus in El Madrono, Nicaragua

Architects Without Borders is providing pro-bono design services to GOCARE, Inc. for a new Learning Campus in El Madrono, Nicaragua. Brooklyn-based architect Lynn Gaffney and Seattle- based architect Sheri Olson are co-leads for the 7,100-square-foot project. When it opens in 2017, the campus will allow the non-profit organization to expand its core mission to enable children and young adults to live a self-empowered life

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A New Capital Campaign for GOCARE Receives a Big Boost!

Architects without Borders-Seattle has helped make GOCARE’S growing education program a reality! The non-profit created beautiful architectural designs for our highly-anticipated Learning Campus in El Madrono, Nicaragua, affording us the opportunity to reach a new community of children and adults who dream of learning in a state-of-the-art school our non-profit seeks to build. The new 7,100-square-foot campus design is a collaboration between esteemed architects Lynn Gaffney and Sheri

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