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English Language Instruction

GOCARE believes learning English is an invaluable skill for the disadvantaged people of Nicaragua because it gives them the opportunity to enter work fields, such as the growing tourism industry, that they wouldn’t have been able to otherwise. Most popular amongst the high school students, GoCare’s specialized English program is conducted at three levels by a local English teacher in Granada. Our English proficiency

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Computer Instruction

GoCare’s computer literacy program provide students the opportunity to familiarize themselves with computers, Microsoft Office and strengthen their computer skills. This is an exciting and unique learning environment that the local students really enjoy and look forward to. Technology is an ever advancing factor in the business world today and preparing our students for the future and better employment opportunities is a vital component

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Preschool/Day Care

The 0 to 5 Curriculum focuses on the following skills and development: Personal, social and emotional development Communication, language and literacy development Problem solving, Reasoning and Numeracy Knowledge and Understanding of the World Physical development Creative development

Adult Education

Our adult Literacy Program, which has been certified by the Nicaraguan Ministry of Education, provides adult literacy classes to over 100 adult students in Pantanal region. Adults have the opportunity to learn basic literacy skills, and remedial secondary education. The literacy classes help the people of Pantanal to gain access to better employment opportunities, improve the lives of their families, and ultimately help improve

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Vocational Training

We provide vocational training in baking, sewing and cosmetology. This is an ongoing program involving 30 individuals from the Pantanal community at any given time.