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Meet Ramiro Arana


Ramiro Arana is known for being a bright, bubbly individual with a contagious laugh. Ramiro grew up in Pantanal and was drawn to GOCARE’s English language program. He later applied for a university scholarship and is now in his first year studying architecture and learning how to draw. He mentors and teaches English at the GOCARE facility so that other students can have the opportunity to learn English.

Thanks to GOCARE’s programs, Arana feels that he has more opportunities in his future. He sees himself managing his own business and having his own family.

“I want a better future for myself and my family. I had nothing, but now I have a dream and I have the opportunity to get it in order to achieve my goals,” he said. “I want to be a big deal and a businessman. In 10 years, I see myself working as a manager for a big company, making a lot of money which I’d invest in the bank and later invest in my own business.”

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