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Student Letters of Gratitude

My name is Aristides Emmanuel Zamara Garay.  I live on Calle el Arcenol and I work in a small agency.

The experience in 2012-2013 was a great opportunity to excel since we culminated to the third cycle.  The studies are an important foundation for everyone because they are necessary to obtain a better life. The experience was very enriching because we learned a lot of new things.

There is no more to add other than to give thanks to the organization that without their support none of this would be possible. Thank you GOCARE.


My name is Ana Patricia Villaviciencia Delgado. I live on Villa Cocibolca and I am a single, handicapped mother with 4 children.

Thank you, GOCARE, for the two years of support and the option of 2nd and 3rd cycle of high school. I have managed to get ahead with their help. This year I hope to fulfill my goals. I am forever grateful for this opportunity and the support given by the organization.

Only with selfless people like the members of GOCARE can the poor and head-of-the-house mothers, like me, get the opportunity to achieve our dreams of enrichment that our country gives us.

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