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2014 Youth Leadership Academy


Each year, GOCARE brings over 100 youth together for an extensive 3-day camp in the mountains to teach young people essential leadership skills for success. Activities include presentations from local Rotary Clubs, song and dance groups, and crafts.

This year’s ALJ, a program based on the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) model, was held July 25-27th and implemented exciting and new learning mechanisms such as role playing, conflict management, problem solving and much more!

Most of the attendees are from the poorest barrios in Nicaragua and some are special invitees of the Rotary Club—they all have the same desire to rise above poverty. The counselors are previous graduates of the program that “Come Back to Give Back” and teach others strong leadership skills such as teamwork, public speaking and ethics.

The dramatic change we see in our students by the end of the weekend is inspiring and amazing to be a part of. Many of the youth begin the program very shy and reserved. By the end, they’ve built new friendships, developed new skills and gained a new sense of self and confidence that they never saw possible.

We wouuld like to congratulate all who participated and helped create another successful ALJ weekend!

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