Press Releases

Architects Without Borders Design GOCARE Learning Campus in El Madrono, Nicaragua

Architects Without Borders is providing pro-bono design services to GOCARE, Inc. for a new Learning Campus in El Madrono, Nicaragua. Brooklyn-based architect Lynn Gaffney and Seattle- based architect Sheri Olson are co-leads for the 7,100-square-foot project. When it opens in 2017, the campus will allow the non-profit organization to expand its core mission to enable children and young adults to live a self-empowered life

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David Lindsay, an administrative director for GOCARE, is a fourth grade teacher at West Creek Academy in Saugus, Calif. The PTA at West Creek Academy have graciously donated an abundance of school supplies including books in Spanish and English, pencils, crayons, rulers, blocks, puzzles and clothing to help better Nicaraguan students’ education. Read the rest of the press release here.

GOCARE Director Develops Important Educational Programs for Children, Adults Studying in Nicaragua

GOCARE INC., has just announced plans to develop a business concepts class for young adults in Nicaragua. Leading the way is Stewart Fries, a member of the Board of Directors for GOCARE. He brings his professional and philanthropic skills to bear in his activities that involve developing educational programs for use in the front lines of this war on poverty. Click here for the

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GOCARE Featured in National Rotarian Magazine

CEO Jan Lindsay gave an amazing interview about GOCARE that was featured in the national Rotarian Magazine for the September issue! Congratulations on the tremendous success! Ask Jan Lindsay how to end poverty and he’ll respond with one word: education. “Organizations do not eliminate poverty, only people themselves can do that,” he says. Empowerment through education is a hallmark of the nonprofit GOCARE which

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Nonprofit Organization GOCARE Receives Generous Donation From Dr. and Mrs. Robert Pazen

Dr. Robert and Wendy Pazen believe the holidays are a time to encourage people to give back to the community or an organization. The couple has graciously donated $6,000 to GOCARE Inc., a charity headquartered in Ventura, Calif. The organization empowers adults and children living in Nicaragua with the fundamental belief that citizens may live a self-empowered life through the power of education. Click

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