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Ever thought of visiting Nicaragua? If roaring volcanoes, cascading waterfalls, and majestic forests don’t immediately capture your interest, the huge welcoming smiles and genuinely kind people living there certainly will. Come see for yourself and witness GOCARE’s programs in action!

Things To Do


Each year, thousands of surfers flock to Nicaragua to experience some of the best surf breaks the Pacific Ocean has to offer. The season typically run from March through November, averaging 4-6 foot waves, and can get up to 10-15+ feet. Rent a board, take lessons, or stay with locally owned shop Arena Caliente.

The Masaya Volcano National Park

Established as the country’s first national park in 1979, the Masaya Volcano National Park is one of Nicaragua’s most historical natural wonders. The park comprises an area of 54 km² which features miles of scenic roads and trails that snake up and around two massive volcanoes and five craters. While rocks and volcanic ash coat the areas surrounding, it’s likely to see various types of vegetation and wildlife. If you’re looking for a little action, peeking over the edge of the Masaya Volcano is a must. The crater actively emits smoke and sulfur gasses; and if you choose to go on a night tour, you’ll get the chance to see the glowing red hot lava that boils in the mouth of the volcano.

To truly get the full experience, explore and trek the historical wonders of the Masaya Volcano National Park with a travel professional.

Vapues Tours:

Coffee Farm Tours

Coffee is a culturally, socially and economically valued crop for Nicaraguans who take the time out of their busy work days to have coffee breaks, are dedicated to organic, fair-trade farming and support their families through its exportation. The coffee they produce is recognized as having body and balance as a result of the fertile volcanic soil and clean water sources that perfectly nourish the crops. Visitors are offered different types of experiences that include tastings, plantation and factory tours and lessons in cultivating, harvesting and processing coffee. Las Flores Coffee Farm is nestled along the ridge of Mombacho Volcano and is just one of the many working coffee farms open to visitors.

Canopy Tours

Experience the beauty of Nicaragua’s tropical rain forests from a bird’s eye view as you fly through the treetops, swing from 100 ft. platforms and immerse yourself within the natural habitat of the area’s exotic wildlife. Da Flying Frog Canopy Tour is the longest tour in the country with 2.5 km of cables as high as 150 meters above the forest floor and as fast as 70km/hour.

Photo Credits:

Sunset in San Juan del Sur by Bruce Thomson, available under a CC BY license.
Granada, Nicaragua by Adalberto H. Vega, available under a CC BY license.
Here we go! by Kuma Chan, available under a CC BY license.
Secret Spot by dog4aday, available under a CC BY license.
Honeymoon 51 by Nathan Forget, available under a CC BY license.
Volcan Masaya by Tara Joyce, available under a CC BY-SA license.
N – taking off on a zip line by Care_SMC, available under a CC BY-ND license.