Come Back to Give Back!


Founded in 2001, GOCARE empowers adults and children living in Nicaragua with the fundamental belief that citizens may live a self-empowered life through the power of education. GOCARE has helped more than 1,100 students go through its programs with the “Come Back to Give Back” core philosophy of mentorship and leadership. Students become mentors and leaders within the Nicaraguan community and help give back by teaching others.

Our Programs

Today, there are 2.6 million people living on $2 a day. Or even less. That’s 40% of the world’s population. And that’s just not acceptable. GOCARE was created to do the work that will make the difference.

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Jan Corwin Lindsay (1946 – 2014)

GOCARE is deeply saddened to announce the passing of our founder and creator, Mr. Jan Lindsay on Wednesday, August 13. He was a beloved son, husband, father and grandfather who has touched the lives of many, from Ventura to Nicaragua, and throughout the world. After college, Jan worked in Los Angeles with international accounting firms and became a Certified Public Accountant in 1973. In

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Featured Profiles

Ericka Espinoza

Ericka Espinoza is in her 4th year studying law at Universidad Hispanoamericana (UHISPAM) and is currently completing GOCARE’s Internship Program. Ericka experienced economic difficulties…

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Ruslan Gonzalez

Ruslan Gonzalez lives with his parents in Granada. He has studied computers at GOCARE since age 8 and is currently studying at Mont-Berkeley English Academy…

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Luis Mora

Luis Mora lives with his family in Madroño, Granada. When Luis first inquired GOCARE, he had a burning desire to learn English and now…

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Katya Obando

Katya Obando is 23 years old and lives in Posintepe, Granada. She describes learning about GOCARE as destiny as she followed a feeling of purpose…

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