Come Back to Give Back!


Founded in 2001, GOCARE empowers adults and children living in Nicaragua with the fundamental belief that citizens may live a self-empowered life through the power of education. GOCARE has helped more than 1,100 students go through its programs with the “Come Back to Give Back” core philosophy of mentorship and leadership. Students become mentors and leaders within the Nicaraguan community and help give back by teaching others.

Our Programs

Today, there are 2.6 million people living on $2 a day. Or even less. That’s 40% of the world’s population. And that’s just not acceptable. GOCARE was created to do the work that will make the difference.

Learn more about our education programs in Nicaragua

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Architects Without Borders Design GOCARE Learning Campus in El Madrono, Nicaragua

Architects Without Borders is providing pro-bono design services to GOCARE, Inc. for a new Learning Campus in El Madrono, Nicaragua. Brooklyn-based architect Lynn Gaffney and Seattle- based architect Sheri Olson are co-leads for the 7,100-square-foot project. When it opens in 2017, the campus will allow the non-profit organization to expand its core mission to enable children and young adults to live a self-empowered life

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Featured Profiles

Cesar Carballo

Our June Volunteer of the Month is Cesar Carballo!

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Milsque Tijerino

¡Felicidades Milsque! She recently earned her finance degree from Universidad Martin Luther King and is now an accountant!

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Cintya Alvarado

After completing her studies in 2 years, Cintya felt compelled to “Come Back to Give Back” and volunteer with GOCARE!

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Ruben Reyes

Ruben took the UNI exam for the National University of Engineering and passed with 100%.

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